Our vision is to build technology and governance infrastructure which enables a global level playing field for the ethical exchange of data.

Why We Do This

Data Republic was founded to empower the liquidity of data by delivering technology which offers best-practice security, privacy compliance and governance controls for organizations looking to exchange data.

Danny Gilligan and Paul McCarney created Data Republic after observing the convergence of personalization agendas, data strategy and the looming disruptive potential of big data in the board rooms of several of leading companies.

Paul and Danny realized that in order to compete, organizations of all sizes needed to both increase their access to validated data sources and better manage operational risk associated with the exchange of data.

Our investors, helping to power innovation through data exchange.

Data for Social Good – The Minerva Collective

The Minerva Collective is an initiative to help use data for social good. We believe not-for-profit organisations should have access to data that helps them improve their reach and services in order to maximise their impact on society. Minerva brings together companies that can contribute their data, analysts that can give their time and skills and Data Republic’s data exchange platform to support proactive not-for-profit organisations to develop data products for social good.


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