Here are some reasons to join Data Republic

A small company with big ambitions

It's a great time to join Data Republic. We are funded by some of Australia's largest companies, and we're having a lot of success. Joining at an early stage you will get the chance to grow with the company and the opportunities that arise. We are now actively engaged in six countries globally across four continents, which is driving our growth.

A great place to work

We're starting 2018 in our brand new offices in New South Wales new start-up hub near Wynyard, along with hundreds of other startups. We're fostering a company culture that cares for each other and ensures work-life balance - we want your talents, not a pound of flesh. Every employee has options to take equity in the company, so your rewards can be much bigger than just a competitive salary. We also want to ensure that data is used for social good around the world, which is driven by The Minerva Collective.

An industry on the cutting edge

The data economy is booming, and the technology we are delivering is on the leading edge of this new economic sector. We're working closely with business and government to make Sydney the seat of the global data economy.

More about who we are

Learn a bit more about what we're working on here at Data Republic and how we leverage our relationship with AWS to deliver the Senate platform.

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Podcast with our CEO, Paul McCarney

Stone & Chalk CEO, Alex Scandurra, settled in for a chat with our CEO, Paul McCarney. Together Alex and Paul discuss:

  • Paul's history as an entrepreneur, past ventures and lessons
  • The vision for Data Republic and why we're passionate about enabling data liquidity through secure tech
  • The real difference between data and money? (Absolutely nothing, says Paul)
  • Regulatory regimes and building trust in the data space
  • Behind-the-scenes insights on building a cohesive team at breakneck startup speed



It's important for your company's values to align with your own. Here are Data Republic values:

Focus on outcomes

We believe in focusing on fewer things that will have the biggest impact.

Directly care

We give a sh*t about each other, our company and our customers, and we always explain why.

Disagree and commit

Respectfully speak up if you disagree, but once a decision is made, commit fully.

Download our values whitepaper


What are we looking for?

We're looking for technologists and commercial people to fill the positions listed on our jobs page. You will be curious, great at what you do and enjoy working with other like-minded people. You'll also want to challenge yourself to beat a path through new territory, and solve problems that have never been addressed before.

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