VIDEO: A 2 minute introduction to Data Republic

Heard about Data Republic but still unsure about what do?

In this video, we explain some of the key challenges that the Data Republic legal framework and technology platform seek to overcome when it comes to data exchange. You can learn more about Data Republic by heading over to our main site. 

What is Data Republic?

Data Republic is a legal framework and technology platform which enables companies, governments and not-for-profits to safely and securely exchange data to enrich customer and audience insights.

No customer personal information or P.I is available on the platform and all exchanges are strictly governed on legal and ethical bases and subject to Data Republic’s Legal Participation Agreement.

What challenges does Data Republic seek to solve around Data Exchange?

Prior to the formation of Data Republic, organisations faced substantial legal, technical and ethical challenges when considering exchanging data. Complex legal agreements between parties required a substantial investment of time and money, and were often only valid for one exchange making the investment prohibitive given the potential risk of low ROI.

Data Republic revolutionises the data exchange process by delivering a legal structure which enables multiple companies to securely exchange data under one agreement, as well as a technology solution, the Senate platform which removes all customer P.I and allows organisations to effectively manage security, requests for data and the permitted use of data assets. Critically, Senate allows organisations to operationalise these exchanges so that they can occur on a regular basis with agreed insights or Data Products fed via API into owned technology systems.