This Year in Technology 2018

Our Year in Technology at Data Republic

This year in technology, we have seen a tension arise across many levels of the data economy.

At board levels, tensions have emerged between executives that want to drive more value out of the data, and governance professionals whose key priority is compliance and consumer privacy protections. Similarly, governments want to leverage open data to drive the economy through open banking initiatives, while at the same time increase consumer ownership and control of data flows through proposed consumer data laws. For the consumer, things have never been more confusing. There’s the recognition that their data has value and that they should provide consent carefully, yet no clear way for them to know which organizations share data responsibly.

This tension is something that our technology aimed to relieve this year, by providing a balanced solution that adheres to consumer and data custodian risk management needs, as well as analysts’ wish to maximise the utility of the data. We recognise that each data project is unique, and comes with its own set of risks.

The launch of our new Senate Matching technology ensures the security of customers personal information so that organisations can accelerate innovation and achieve accurate insights from the data without sacrificing consumer privacy.

Beyond this, there were many great achievements and improvements made to the Senate platform throughout the year resulting in 500 new users, the release of over 250 new features, 586 support tickets closed and a 70% improvement in platform performance.

But it hasn’t all been ‘sunshine and daisies’…

Here’s what we learnt from our mistakes…

That you can’t leapfrog a customer maturity journey – you need to facilitate it.  Land and expand, one use case at a time is the winning formula for our customers who can unblock stalled use-cases which deliver maximum ROI and cross-organisational momentum for safe data sharing. 

What we’re working on in 2019

Robust enterprise APIs, hybrid data storage and ingestion methods, remote analytics environments, platform services and workflows, real-time data feeds, federated analytics applications and most of all, working with our team to deliver maximum value to our clients. 


By Frank McKenna 

Chief Product Officer at Data Republic