New developments on the Senate platform

Data Republic was built on a mission to help the world unlock the power of data. The data marketplace was a foundational component of the Senate platform when we launched in 2016.

As we’ve been working with our customers to realize their innovation strategies, we’ve learnt that many business struggle to manage multiple data collaboration projects at the same time.

Our customers asked us to help them govern private data exchanges with their existing corporate partners, subsidiaries and industry allies.  So we evolved.

Find out about new developments on the Senate platform that are helping our customers accelerate data collaboration projects.

What’s new?

Senate: The control-center for Chief Data Officers

Senate has evolved to offer business leaders a control-center for data exchanges, where you are able to manage all private data exchange projects, report on access and project status, and connect into the Data Republic Catalog. Learn more about the Senate platform.

Download the Senate whitepaper for a deep dive into the platform.

Senate Matching

Senate Matching is one of our most exciting developments. This new technology was launched in 2018 and allows organizations to match datasets on Senate without exposing PII. Senate Matching revolutionizes customer privacy protections when matching data by providing a more secure, decentralized alternative to common hashing or encryption methods. Learn more about Senate Matching. 

Modular Legal Framework

A unique part of Data Republic’s platform is our legal framework. The legal framework has also evolved to support the range of different data collaboration activities that organizations perform on the platform.

Now our legal framework includes modules to provide a basis for common understanding and exchange between parties, and yet the flexibility to participate only in those aspects that are relevant; and to step in alternative or existing agreements for data exchange if they are already in place. Find out more information about the Data Republic legal framework.

Data Listings

We’ve improved the data marketplace on the platform. Senate now has two types of data catalog:

Data Republic Catalog: This is an open catalog where you can publish datasets to be licensed by other participants in the Data Republic ecosystem. Senate users (who license the Senate platform) can explore available datasets and request access.

Closed Catalog: Some organizations want to keep their data packages private. Using the Closed Catalog, organizations can easily manage their internal Data Listings, and share data packages from these listings with other third-party organizations. Data Listings published to the Closed Catalog are only visible to users within that organization.

Learn more about the types of Catalogs on Senate.


More to come…

We’ve got big plans to help organizations be more efficient and effective with data collaboration and governance. With new data and privacy regulations being developed around the world and more pressure on businesses to remain competitive, the time is ripe for data governance and collaboration to become engrained in every organization. Watch this space for new developments at Data Republic.


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