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eGentic joins Data Republic

Tuesday Apr 11, 2017


Today, we’re excited to welcome eGentic as a new Data Contributor within the Data Republic ecosystem. eGentic are global leaders in digital consumer research and lead generation with 10 years’ experience operating in 35 countries around the world countries for over 1,000 clients. This partnership will give Data Republic users secure access to eGentic’s consumer attribute data on over 2.5 million Australians which can be used to deliver customer profiling insights. Drawn from opt-in digital surveys, eGentic’s declared attribute datasets reveal rich demographic information like age, gender, personal income, current residential status as well as life stage and brand preferences like the presence of children, car make and model, current energy provider and financial goals.

What’s possible with eGentic datasets?

  • Enrich marketing personas and customer profiles with up-to-date declared data from real individuals
  • Compare customer attributes across geographies (down to postcode level)
  • Build segments and propensity models for marketing targeting
  • Combine with other datasets listed on Data Republic to further reveal life-stage intent signals and behaviours

On the partnership, Steve Millward, Head of Commercial at Data Republic, said;

“It’s great to have eGentic on board because they offer our users rich consumer data that can be deployed in a variety of ways to help with marketing, customer profiling and go-to-market activities for all types of B2C brands.  Many of the attributes collected are difficult to acquire through other means, so this data provides a new dimension for our partners and users. We’re look forward to exploring the opportunities the eGentic datasets offer our partners.”

On the data, Paul Sage, the Australian Country Manager for eGentic Asia Pacific said:

“In Australia, eGentic collect and manage millions of individual consumer records. The records each contain a large number of attributes which are declared rather than inferred, that is they are actively shared by consumers through survey capture. This data can be used by sophisticated marketers to better understand either market segments or individual consumers that already exist in their marketing universe. It’s going to be really powerful to see this data combined and unlocked in new and interesting ways on the Data Republic platform.”

Interested in learning about what type of insights and applications you can build using eGentic data?

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