PRESS RELEASE – Data Republic joins The Data Institute as founding member

Data Republic is pleased to announce we have joined The Data Institute (TDI) as a founding member. The Data Institute is a new industry association established to share knowledge and best practices in the collection, management and the ethical use of data.

“The Data Institute is working proactively towards making Australia’s data future better and together, we want to raise the bar on how data is being ethically organised, handled and governed,” said Michelle Pinheiro, Chair of the Data Institute. “Our members represent different industries because we understand the complexity and challenges when it comes to data. We established The Data Institute because we felt that it was difficult for organisations to have real conversations about data issues in an open, trusting environment.”

According to Ms Pinheiro, the issues industry faces are real and emerging. “They affect the bottom line and how companies interact with their customers. They are issues that legislators alone cannot solve, issues like Data Governance, AI, ethical use of data, Augmented Decision making,” she said.

The Data Institute represents data-centric organisations and their data professionals. Our members come in all sizes and includes some of the biggest data aggregators, users, and innovators. Members include creators, users, advisors, researchers, regulators, and government across all industries.

The founder members of The Data Institute are from a range of industries and include AllensLinklaters, ANZ, Data Republic, Data Synergies, Frazer Walker, IAG, Commonwealth Bank, Qantas, Quantium, Scentre Group, Vicinity Centres and Westpac.

“The emphasis at TDI is on collaborative learning and collective intelligence. Decisions with data are complex and having a forum in which to share and learn from real life examples is a positive way to ensure that we as a data community can be cohesive and thoughtful about the decisions we make with data,” said Ms Pinheiro.

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