Data Republic and take on breast cancer in 6-week datathon

Data Republic and take on breast cancer in 6-week datathon


Artificial intelligence (AI) fights challenges on the frontline of many industries. When it comes to healthcare, AI and machine learning (ML) are the most advanced tools we have to find prevention tactics and possible cures for common diseases. For health insurance giant Anthem, this form of data-driven innovation is a high priority, with a number of associates and initiatives dedicated to AI and ML.

Anthem is hosting a six-week-long datathon as part of its approach to working with partners to solve some of healthcare’s big problems. As of January 21, a selection of healthcare ML developers and health-tech startups are competing to solve a challenge. Powered by Data Republic’s Senate Platform, contestants have secure access to Anthem’s Digital Sandbox, containing certified, de-identified data collected from millions of lives over 12 years.

Data Republic - Anthem Israel

The challenge? To create an algorithm for oncological, claims, labs and pharmacy data that predicts the probability of breast cancer recurrence, advancing the process of oncological characterization and evaluating associated treatment efficacy. With breast cancer statistics in the United States as high as one in eight women, Anthem is committed to fighting these odds and helping consumers improve their health and well-being.

Judges will decide on the most innovative and best-performing models, with criteria based on novelty, innovative use of data provided, technical elegance and proof of correctness. For the winning team, however, it’s about more than just exposure within the US healthcare system and thought leaders within the space. They get the opportunity to work alongside Anthem to run a pilot with their model and/or their startup’s digital health product, plus mentorship sessions with Anthem executives and health system judges.


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