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It’s been a busy 2016 – Full of tech innovation, team growth and our fair share of startup missteps, so we’ve put together this team retro report to reflect on our work, lessons and achievements in 2016. Here you can find out everything we’ve ‘been up to’ this year – and a get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at life at Data Republic. This has been a watershed year for Data Republic – we closed our Series A funding, grew our team by 188% and launched our beta technology and Open Data Marketplace.  Through it all, we’ve been guided by our mission to develop technology which makes data exchange simpler, more secure and more effective for organisations. Before you launch into the content below, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, our partners, investors, Data Contributors and users for your continued support and belief in us this year.  We wouldn’t be here without you. Thanks again & Merry Christmas, Until Next Year, Team

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Growth and key partnerships

Steve Millward, Commercial Director

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how far we’ve come in the past year.  As I look back over 2016, I’m immensely proud of what the team at Data Republic have achieved.  We’ve grown from being a ‘great idea’ to being a fully operational business. I’ve now been involved in the data industry for over twenty years and I honestly believe that Data Republic is generating a step-change in the application of data that will have a significant impact on business, government and society as a whole. Of course, getting here has been a huge team effort.  My colleagues at Data Republic have been joined by our network of partners to activate the great data that we have. It’s been wonderful to welcome global organisations like Deloitte, Experian and PwC, as well as incisive industry experts such as Finity, Koji, Servian, Port Jackson Partners and Location IQ.  I’ve always believed that the value of data is determined by how well it is used, and this range of partner expertise is providing our users with superior outcomes. I’m really excited by our growing ability to drive outcomes for our participants in 2017 across a wide range of industry sectors.  We have some truly incredible new datasets joining the Data Republic platform early next year to expand the 4.3 billion rows of high-quality data that we already have. I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year to talk about how we can help you solve business problems through secure data exchange. Steve,

Technology and platform

Ryan Peterson, CTO

What a year!

As CTO at Data Republic, this year I felt like a whirlwind with an end result of establishing our platform. With our Series A capital secured we could pursue our dream and develop technology to make it both simpler and more secure for organizations to monetize their data assets, data scientists to create amazing new products from that data, and for users to enrich their knowledge of their customers, their industry, and their business. Looking back on the year that was, I couldn’t be more proud of what our product, development and infrastructure teams have accomplished.  Each major component of the Data Republic platform requires breaking down into smaller scopes, user journeys, technical architectures, QA methodologies, and much more.  On top of that, we had to make some serious decisions about underlying infrastructure, languages, cloud vendors, and the like. Without overloading you with detail about all the individual components of our platform, which number in the 1,000’s, I wanted to share some of our major achievements and lessons from 2016….. Read Ryan’s full post 

People. Culture. Social…

The data revolution is growing fast – and so are we!

This year we’ve added 17 new full-time staff members which saw our team grow by 188%. Together, we’re a mixed bunch of data specialists, developers, security experts and biz ops leads but we have a few things in common – a shared love of data, karaoke and Slack spam. This year we:

  • Sent 392,000 slack messages
  • Worked together on over 26 sprints
  • Enjoyed 8 team building days
  • Racked up an ENPS of 77%

If you know a fellow #datanerd looking for their next big challenge – send them our way! Explore available roles  

Post-launch update on the Minerva Collective

In November, we launched the Minerva Collective, a Data Republic not-for-profit affiliate dedicated to using data to deliver social good. Spearheaded by Data Republic’s Whitney Komor along with Michael Allwright and Anthony Tockar, the data scientists behind the Sydney chapter of University of Chicago’s renowned ‘Data for Social Good’, the Minerva Collective connects social impact organisations with access to data and analysts to help them solve social problems. The Minerva Collective is quickly gaining traction among the not-for-profit and analyst community. The team has a pipeline of 18 projects with 8 NFP’s to support initiatives ranging from improved outreach for early intervention in mental health issues to helping the Department of Social Services reduce long-term welfare dependency. Leveraging the merger with Michael and Anthony’s existing community, Minerva now has access to a growing community of over 500 analysts and data scientists eager to engage in Minerva Projects. The Minerva team are aiming to deliver three projects in the first quarter of 2017 to demonstrate the social impact and corporate engagement benefits of their unique data-for-social-good program. We’re currently seeking corporate partners interested in having a founding influence in the Minerva Collective via project-based funding, donation of skilled analyst time or the secure donation of data.

News highlights

It’s been a busy year for Data Republic in the media with over 43 news stories since April. Here are a few of our favourites. 

Nine announces partnership with Data Republic

Today we’re pleased to announce a new major strategic agreement with Nine Entertainment (Nine). This partnership will see Data Republic securely provision Nine with offline-grocery segment data to enhance FMCG advertising targeting across the Nine Digital network of more than 15.3m authenticated user IDs. Read more 

Banks planning big data deals to target customers – AFR

Australian Financial Review, May 23, 2016 The digital data being hoovered up by companies and governments from customers and constituents is set to become a major driver of productivity and micro-economic reform over the coming decade. Data is proliferating.  Read more

Data Republic says risks are part of the past – The Australian

The Australian, Sept 06, 2016 Data may be the new currency but we are still firmly stuck in the past when it comes to handling it, according to Data Republic chief executive Paul McCarney. Data Republic is the world’s first governed marketplace for organisations to list, exchange and collaborate on data exchange projects. Read more 

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