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We believe that when data can flow securely between individuals, organizations and governments, wiser decisions can be made and better outcomes delivered for both business and society as a whole. The problem? Data exchange can be too legally complicated, risky and time-consuming.

That’s why, in 2014, Paul McCarney and Danny Gilligan set out to change the way organisations exchange data - to make it safer, more secure and more scalable. Today, our technology and ‘private by design’ ecosystem reduces the operational risks surrounding data exchange and connects organisations to the datasets and Data Products they need to solve their most pressing business problems.



Our Founders

aka The Glorious Leaders

Paul McCarney

Co-Founder & CEO

Paul is the Co-founder and CEO of Data Republic, as well as a Non-Executive Director for Trade Me and Cirrus Media (formerly Reed Business Information), and previously a Non-Executive Director at iiNet (IIN/AX).

An industry leader for over 15 years, Paul is an Investor and Entrepreneur in the Digital Technology, Data and Marketing space. The holder of a patent in multi-attribute matching of buyers and sellers, Paul has consulted to Media, Consulting and Private Equity businesses as a subject matter expert on digital asset strategy, innovation and investment.

Danny Gilligan

Co-Founder & Director

Danny is a Co-Founder of Reinventure group in partnership with Westpac. He struck upon the difficulty of data-sharing in his work with personalisation in e-commerce and set about to create the first version of Data Republic. A former serial entrepreneur, Danny hasn’t quite gotten the hint yet that he is supposed to be an investor and not a founder. He promises this is his last time.


The Latest News


NSW Government picks Data Republic to launch data sharing platform

Data Republic is providing the foundation for a new secured data sharing platform for the NSW Government after winning a public sector tender. The Senate data marketplace... Read More


How much is your data really worth?

Earlier this year, The Economist proclaimed "the world’s most valuable resource is longer oil, but data."" The Economist was speaking about a new global economy – the data economy. An economy that is about collecting, storing and analysing streams of data that arise... Read More


Managing the privacy and security complexities of open data

There is a clear opportunity for Australia to be a global leader in the data sharing industry with the Productivity Commission releasing its final report on Data Availability and Use shortly. But first there has to be a mind shift around the concept of trust and data sharing.... Read More


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