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When the sharing of data is made safe and simple, the
opportunities are infinite. Elevate your partnerships and
bold ideas with the trusted platforms by Data Republic.


The demystification of data sharing

Despite infinite advances in the collection of data, the sharing of data between organisations remains complex. Businesses, government and society as a whole are missing out on a wealth of insights and opportunities, which remain buried by intricate legalities and technical misfits.

Data Republic offers the solution

Data Republic enables companies to execute and scale data collaborations quickly and meaningfully, whilst honouring information security and privacy protection.

Data Republic is a revolution in data sharing, governing both the opportunities and risks in a previously unimaginable way.

Through Data Republic, datasets are matched and analysed in secure, encrypted, cloud environments allowing data sharing without breach of privacy compliance and protection. Data sharing projects managed through Data Republic capitalise governed workflows, privacy-preserving matching, data license agreements and secure analytics workspaces.

Join the team

Data Republic invites data leaders to:

  • Accelerate innovation through the analysis of raw data from multiple parties.
  • Safely test new software, data sources and partnerships.
  • Transform digital capabilities with improved data security, privacy controls and governed data access.
  • Securely leverage external data and emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The DNA of Data Republic

A team of dedicated and data-passionate individuals keep the
cogs of Data Republic turning.


Honoured by our

Best FinTech and Non-bank
Collaboration of the Year

Australian FinTech
Awards 2019

Best FinTech and Non-bank
Collaboration of the Year

The Finnie
Awards 2018

Designated as
“Cool Vendor”

Gartner’s Cool
Vendors report 2018


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How to grant secure access to sensitive data

A decade’s worth of digital transformation was shoehorned into 2020 due to widespread lockdowns and the need for people to work, shop and entertain themselves remotely. Accelerated digital transformation has many flow-on effects, but one of the most significant is that far more data gets collected. And as Big Data … Read More

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