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Compelling Datasets

Aggregate and Targetable
We feature comprehensive transactional and behavioral datasets from some of the most trusted brands globally. You can build or purchase demographic-based propensity models, behavioral insights, or even enrich your own customer records with second-party data to derive valuable insights.

Analytical Partners

Data Experts for Every Industry
Looking for an immediate data solution but don’t have your own analytics team? Take advantage of our rich network of Certified Partners for bespoke projects or better yet, purchase a ready-made Data Product developed by leading analysts and vertical specialists and solve your data problem, fast.

Secure Governance Platform

Private by Design
Our platform makes it simple and secure for organizations to manage data exchange projects through built-in legal governance workflows and the secure provision of data in online analytics workspaces with full encryption of data, network segregation and continuous hardening principles applied to environments.

Insights for Every Industry


Whatever your industry, Data Republic can help you unlock useful insights and solve business problems. Better still, our partners aren’t just analytics experts, they’re industry experts with have decades of experience and IP in retail, insurance, finance, property and more.



Discover detailed behavioral and propensity models for retail businesses based on actual behavioral data, not survey data.
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Leverage extensive behavioral and transaction data to derive propensity and life stage models for targeted offerings.
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Unlock new automotive-intent models and accurately target customers in the market for a car, car insurance or financing.
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Improve services personalization and risk outcomes by leveraging actual customer demographic and behavior data.
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The datasets and Data Products available on the Data Republic platform cover every industry, affording you deep penetration across millions of unique digital identities at both transactional and demographic levels.

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Insight Seekers

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    Get answers fast – with ready-made Data Products
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    Analyze powerful datasets from major brands and service providers
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    Simple online request workflows
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    Network of expert partners - ready to help


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    Access valuable data – solve client problems
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    Build new revenue streams with Data Products
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    Simple fee structures
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    Full support, code libraries and tools from the Data Republic team

Data Republic is the new ecosystem for secure data exchange.

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